What is spam (according to SEO)

Posted by on Saturday, 6 April 2013 in Blog, S.E.O.

Every religion has some rules which if the devotee follows will ensure greener pastures in the life-after. For example, Christians have the 10 commandments, Buddhists have the five precepts, Google has anti-spam.

Well, in the Search Engines world (with Google being the dominate source), we also have guidelines to follow. If we ignore them, straight down to rankings hell pretty much destroying any web-based business. If we abide by them, we get to play second fiddle to the big brands because they are pretty much immune to spam laws.

Doesn’t seem very fair, but hey, life wasn’t meant to be easy. Spam is not just the sort of stuff Monty python dishes out, not just junk mail, not just trash sites…it could be your site if SEO is not managed carefully!



What is Search Spam?

Reproduced with the kind permission of folks from seobook.

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