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Internet Marketing Features

  • Social media accountsThis refers to how many social media accounts we create and link to your site. They are good to funnel traffic and boast the sites authority and popularity. Some provide back-links, most do not.
  • Site Verification with Search Engines such as Google, Bing & Alexa
  • Authentication using Google author and/or publisher markup framework.
  • #Quality industry-related links made using original blog contentGoogle rank sites from 0-10. 0 is almost spam-class, 10 is a highly trusted site such as Microsoft, Google or Federal government site. We provide at least PR3
  • Change keyword focus based on advertising results & competitive research
  • Advertising campaign
    Using Google or Bing/Yahoo
  • Length of campaign
  • Money back guaranteeShould we not achieve the ranking we quoted in the time frame quoted
  • Monthly progress reportsOne formal email and phone updates
  • Social media content


4951 month
4951 month
SEO consultant services
  • 3 + D.I.Y.We create and link 3 out of the following Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pininterest and Stumbleupon
  • D.I.Y
  • 3
    links created using our content-building service strategy
  • We find the issues, you change them
  • We set up the account, you place the ads
  • 1 month
  • D.I.Y.
  • Only to set-up accounts

Top 10 Niche

14953 months
14953 months
SEO consultant services
  • 10 - 20Depends on industry type, market and niche
  • 20
    links created using our content-building service strategy
  • $100 value included (more if requested)Client can have as much advertising as required (must be paid up-front). Normally the sales from ads will cover the cost of the promotion.
  • 3 months, can be extended
  • 50% refunded
  • First 3 months
  • 3 man-days workWe may outsource this to a social media company

High 5

SEO consultant services
  • As neededDepends on industry type, market and niche
  • As needed
  • As needed
  • As needed, slowly over time
    links created using our content-building service strategy
  • Ongoing
  • As needed
    Normally the sales from ads will cover the cost of the promotion.
  • As needed
  • As quoted
  • Every month of project
  • As needed - extensive

In order to improve your ranking as quick as possible, we now require an initial on-line advertising campaign (known as PPC or pay-per-click) to test what keyword strategy will work best for your product/service. Without this initial research you would be wasting money as it would take longer to achieve the optimal keyword mix. The steps of SEO your site will follow are

  1. Use existing tools to best anticipate keywords (mostly we can tell what keyword is best without an actual campaign, but sometimes (especially within a local region) people search for unexpected phrases so its best to make sure we use those keyword phrases to maximise the chance a search engine will deliver your website to the person searching. We must verify our keywords and also validate the traffic numbers associated with the keyword in the local market.
  2. Build the website and place it on-line
  3. Commence a test marketing period for 3-5 days using a broad range of keywords based on your product/services then analyse what keywords produce the highest conversion rates (from page-view to click to enquiry and ultimately to sale)
  4. Change the website to be based around the findings (this will require partial redesign and is included in our SEO packages)

How does this affect the website design and project?

  • Requires an additional week to finalize the website
  • Requires an additional payment (based on your industry and competitive level) in-full (after website goes live, but before SEO starts in earnest) which will be used entirely to run the initial advertising campaign.
  • It will help you to see the benefit of SEO and our performance; from there you can decide on which package to embark on. In addition, by having the right keywords you can reduce on-line advertising in the future since your site will produce its own traffic thereby saving money.

Do we really need to do this?

Yes, it will save a lot of time and will actually make your sales increase faster. Not only that but you will see more enquiries during the test period which should lead to sales thereby offsetting the advertising campaign. On-line campaigns are a part of our optimisation strategy, you cannot achieve quick results without them. In fact, some sites had to reduce on-line advertising since they could not cope with sales.

For common features and an exact description please read our SEO implementation guide

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of getting a website listed in the first page of search results whenever there is a search for a product/service or information related to the website. For example, if someone searches for “Florist”, the websites which appear on the first page of search results will all be related to the keyword “Florist”, will have a mix of global (most popular like Interflora) and local websites (search engines know your location and the location of businesses hence try to do a match).

Obviously those on the first page get the most referrals; almost 90%. Search engines are like pin-point lasers targeting an object with absolute precision, SEO is what directs the laser to the target. Conventional advertising is broad and often wasteful as it reaches people who have no interest in the product. Search engines however are finely tuned so that only those interested in a product/service get what they want. A framework has been put in place, if designers are compliant then the site is considered SEO friendly.

Websites populated the internet years ago and were once expensive to produce, now SEO is taking over as the market driver for internet based marketing. Website design is  just a commodity like dvd players. Without SEO any website is akin to a boat without an engine.

The SEO framework consists of two parts,

  1. Internal to a website and its pages (which we and most web designers do using a variety of optimisation tools) and
  2. External (inbound towards the site) in the form of links to the website (known as back-links). We lay the foundation for external SEO and establish 10 back-links for the professional package. After that we teach you how to find your own links or if you prefer we can provide the service as shown in our link-building pricing table.

Search engines like sites which the public like, hence the more popular a site the higher its rankings. And the higher the rankings, the more traffic (and thus popularity) a site gets. A bit of a catch 22, but it can be solved by gradually increasing popularity through lots of original useful content related to the overall site and an internet marketing strategy. This consists of using social media and quality high-ranking sites related to the website to link to the site (known as link-building). Reputable forums and review sites are also used in a natural way. Recently Google has changed its algorithm for determining rankings, it now prefers simple natural wording instead of over optimised pages. There is a fine balance and skill to reach the correct mix.

How long does it take to reach high rankings? In a niche/unique segment as quick as 2 weeks. In a competitive segment, from 3 months onwards (at least). Search engines have a bias towards older sites, partly because spammy sites come and go like the wind. The most weight is given to websites over 5 years old, so in a competitive market a 3 month old site needs to have more original content, inbound links and presence if it wants to rank more than older sites.


Can we use quick and dirty SEO?

No! SEO has evolved because web designers were taking advantage of loopholes in how they work to get an unfair advantage. Now the search engines look for natural original content and normal growth in popularity. We can buy 1000 back-links for a hundred dollars and pay for traffic to flow into our site but that will must likely have the website dropped to the bottom. Quality (the top websites related to your product/service) and verified non spammy links are required, we cannot cheat the search engines any more. Search engines do not like buying back-links, but they are ok with using a service and method of improving visibility as long as it’s in the same industry. For example, a Florist would look to connect to sites/organisations that use flowers, like funeral directors, weddings, valentine shops, etc. If a Florist website bought back-links from the third-world in an unrelated industry and foreign language, then they would be demoted. After all, how is advertising in Asia going to help a local florist in Australia. There was, and still is in some parts, a method known as black hat seo which was used to get high rankings quickly. It is less or almost ineffective now and is considered the dark side of SEO.


Why do we need SEO?

SEO has taken over paper-based directories. Gone are the days of white/yellow pages so now people search online for products/services and connect with others via social media. The market is enormous and potential profits huge, but competitive. Lets take an example of a florist. In Australia there are 450,000 monthly searches for the word “florist”. Globally, its 7.5 Million. As an example in Sydney it equates to 90,000 searches per month. If a website is #1 in rankings they get 42% of that or 36,000. Of that 36,000 they may get a conversion rate of 20% meaning 7,200 sales per month. If they get $5 net profit from each sale it equates to $36,000 net profit per month. So, do you think search engine optimisation is worth it?

To stay at the top in a competitive segment is expensive, perhaps thousands per month as the website must spend on online ads, back-links and SEO services. But all those would be well under $36,000. Many large companies now employ a SEO expert just to improve rankings, that would equate to $100,000+ labour costs. Obviously they would only do that because the rewards are greater than the costs. In Australia SEO companies can charge $1-3,000 per month after an additional initial outlay. The skills needed to ensure sustainable high rankings are rare, hence the high cost. Top SEO experts have 6 or  7 figure salaries. Website design is a dime-a-dozen service industry, without good SEO the site is somewhat limited.

For a new website with no or minimal SEO, they would be lucky to get 5 hits per day, with a conversion rate of 20% that equates to 1 sale or a monthly profit of $150. That is why we need SEO, other forms of marketing are losing their appeal due to the internet.


What to expect from our SEO?

Everyone wants top rankings, but that is not possible. What is possible however are high rankings for niche market segments and good rankings for competitive areas. For example, we would not recommend the keyword “Florist” as it’s too broad, competitive and maybe only 1% relevant to the local market. We would focus on similar keywords like “Sydney florist”, “Sydney flower delivery”, “Wedding bouquets” etc. All these get several thousand searches per month. A website with many pages, each focused on one topic will add up to high sales . Diversity and niche segments provide a better chance to reach the top 10 for minimal outlay. Of course if you want to get higher in rankings, that is possible, but not with our packages designed for niche segments. We can quote if required, but it will require a marketing investment budget, perhaps for months before seeing the desired result. We can quote you on what ranking to expect based on your location and product diversity. It is the same with any business marketing strategy, to achieve an on-line presence with branding takes time and advertising.

Optimal phrases and keywords can be found through a complicated process, including testing the market with advertising to see which have best conversion rates.

70-85% of searches are made using Google and Google loves its own products (especially Google+ and adwords). Microsoft/yahoo like Facebook. Using social media and other quality sites we can generate authoritative back-links quickly which give the website a kick-start in the right direction.


A typical SEO project costs around $20,000/year to get to the top of page rankings. In comparison, we are cheap; but only because as a new business we need to build an image, gain market share and acceptance. In addition, we focus on niche markets so its much less labour intensive. We would not take on a mainstream ranking project with our standard packages. Based on our SEO implementation and money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So why so expensive? As mentioned on “What is and Why SEO?”, high rankings equals high profit. No ranking equals no or minimal sales. The top 10 sites based on keyword page rank get 90% of the business. The number one ranked gets around 42%, 2nd around 12% and third about 9%. There is a concept called ‘beyond the fold’ in the SEO world. It means beyond the first few search results, people do not scroll down or click to the next page. What they see is that they click. So, the aim of SEO is to ensure your site is not relegated to the realm beyond the fold.

Search optimisation is about taking a website from low-rank to higher rankings, starting with narrow-ranged keywords in niche segments and slower moving to broader ranged keywords in the larger market. Example, starting with “Low-cost florist in Parramatta”, to “Sydney florist” and ultimately to “florist”. Without a strong following, aged and experienced website and good rankings, this would not be possible.

SEO projects are positive on the balance sheet, not debit items. The whole purpose is to raise sales which pay for the SEO service and then some! Even during the initial keyword evaluation marketing campaign, you will see extra sales to offset the project cost.

If your budget is minimal, its best to redirect the money to on-line advertising and only select our business package. As sales improve you can consider upgrading later. We can handle the advertising for you or teach you how to open an account and get it going. SEO is an investment for the future, the exact time it will start to pay off is not certain; but results can be monitored on a monthly basis.