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Help-web-supportThis web support area is to provide training material for any WordPress CMS user, including our clients. No programming experience is required if you only wish to add or modify content.  However, extensive customisation will require some computing skill; mostly not programming however.

Local Web Support (Sunshine coast)

Even though its nice to have support staff nearby, it is not needed. Most problems need to be resolved online and so our support team can be located anywhere in the world and still be effective. Sales and relationship building are best done locally, but support does not need to be.


Online Web Support (tutorials)

Choose any of the common topics on the left hand side of the table, if there is something else you want, please contact us. We are also in the process of doing a FAQ section on web support.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), basically like an operating system which looks after all your website’s functionality including content, comments and appearance. It was designed to be the ultimate easy blogger (a system which allows easy writing of articles and post updates), which it is still. But now it has grown to be so expansive that it has taken over almost all other forms of website building. Using extensions or plugins, WordPress can do just about anything ; it currently powers about 55% of all CMS and about 18% of the entire internet – and growing quickly! The other major CMS’s are Joomla and Drupal, there are about a hundred or so, but have limited support. A CMS without plugins and support is like a smartphone with no apps. WordPress is similar to a combined iPhone/Android into one, which is why it is used the most. Advantages of WordPress include

  1. thousands of plug-ins (like smartphone apps) which allow you to do just about anything
  2. very search engine friendly, Google loves it due to its blogging nature; ie. Updated constantly with relevant content.
  3. thousands of themes (big % free) which can make any type of website and any look and feel
  4. based on MySQL database, easily manages shopping carts, blogs, client data and any form of transaction
  5. super fast to implement, customise and learn; no programming skills needed
  6. saves time and thus money
  7. implements latest technology, runs on all platforms including smart-phones and browsers
  8. limited only by our imagination
  9. open source, freely available

Getting started with WordPress

Creating Posts and Pages

Basic Page and Post Editing

Approving and Editing Comments

Editing Appearance

Uploading & Changing Images

Change Text Size & Font

How to add/create a link

Working with Categories

How to Use Plugins

Build a Website With WordPress 3.5 (2013 Edition)

How To Make a WordPress Website – AMAZING

How To Backup And Restore WordPress