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DesigningWebsitesForMobilesDue to significant inventive improvements on mobile phone’s hardware, designing websites for mobiles is now common and part of our age. With full browser functionality and high system performance with dual or quad-core processors, mobile phones are now comparable to PCs. Society has become adapt to skip buying PCs in favour of the more portable smart-phone. People are now using mobile phones instead of computers. According to Google some 60% of web-based transactions now start from mobile devices. Accessing web sites through smartphones is less time-consuming and infinitely much easier and convenient hence the need to design websites for mobiles is crucial in order to make the visitor experience enjoyable.

We earn our living from the web, and so we must ensure the user experience is optimal. People connect to us through our website. Websites designed for desktops can get the attention of large-screen users only, so we need to design websites that are also accessible through mobile phones. A mobile website designer should at least notice these facts.

  • The target market, not everybody has smart phones, tablets or mobile devices. For the elderly for example, mobile reach is limited. So research is required to know how your customers shop, what type of devices they use, frequency of use, etc,
  • Fundamental issue in design all lie upon interest of your customers, hence understand their needs optimizes a website for conversion. They like user-friendly, interactive and dedicated websites that is relevant to them.
  • Functionality required, fun-factor, entertainment material, or useful information
  • Browser and device compatibility
  • Visitors also care how your website looks. A very nice color combination and style of display, how you have managed your content on your web page is one of the leading factor to design a website for mobiles.
  • We all prefer a fast loading website. Mobile phones will have issues loading large web pages, not just the volume of data but cost also, avoid creating heavy website.
  • There are many different type of screens and sizes, some full browser some part.
  • Need for touch-screen or mouse?

Another very important point when designing websites for mobile devices – smartphones have small size screens and not always full browser support, so the need to ensure responsive layout in your design.

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