WordPress CMS Consulting


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WordPress Content Management System Consulting

Need help with your WordPress CMS or any CMS for that matter. Anything related to a CMS site such as

  • programming (Php, Asp,  Java, Ajax, Html, CSS)
  • functionality issues
  • theme modifications
  • child style-sheets
  • plug-in configuration
  • website audit
  • database access (between front and back-end)
  • security

you name it. We can help you with it.

WordPress CMS Consulting

Our speciality is the WordPress CMS. We also have experience with Joomla and other CMS’s. Since we’ve built websites from the ground up, we know WordPress back to front. Often you can get help from forums, theme supplier or plug-in developer. When you cannot, or the issue cannot be resolved then try us. We can tell you upfront how long it will take to solve your issue.


We charge $500/day for medium length projects, $60/hour for shorter periods. If travel is involved on short-length jobs, we charge $45/hour for travel-time. Mostly we will be able to help on-line if you can provide us an account.

We can also provide an obligation free quote for a fixed price on a Job, please Contact Us

Help with WordPress

Time is money (so the saying goes). Often people struggle with adding a feature or fixing an issue. Some see it as a challenge, but after many hours of frustration later not much changes. By getting a WordPress Consultant in to help you, it allows you to focus on your business knowing the problem will be resolved quickly.