Mission statement

our design manifesto

Beauty with simplicity, Elegance in design, Stylish by default
Creative like art, Zen in nature, Quality assured, Integrity of course
Right choice – right now for all to behold
from the Sunshine coast, Queensland can boast

Fortunately we are better at web design than poetry!

our vision or mission statement

  • our primary mission statement is to improve the quality of the web by ensuring our clients websites conform to ethical industry standards and to benefit non-clients by providing all the information needed for them to likewise improve their own sites for the betterment of everyone.
  • provide a full turnkey business solution viable over many years and covering all important aspects of web design. The website is only one small component of that.
  • make a difference by ensuring small business on the sunshine coast has access to affordable quality web design services.
  • regardless of who we are, what business we operate or what service we provide; one thing we all have in common; we all want a functional, great looking but affordable website. That’s why we turn to an affordable web designer – like us.

our motto

  • the essence of our website design manifesto is :- if the internet wins, we all win; hence total transparency, integrity and honestly promotes quality and a better user experience for all. That is why we show you in detail what we do, even if it’s duplicated the net result is a better WWW.
  • if a technology exists, use it to reduce costs and make a functional product quickly and affordably. We don’t start from the ground up, we start at least half way using professional designed themes. We also avoid costly mistakes from automated SEO software, and thus we build up rankings naturally and manually.
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is our motto. We use elegant themes  as our primary WordPress  theme selection to produce an affordable web design. The reason is the simplicity of the layouts. Being graphical and simple it’s easier to read and the more likely viewers will stay on the page and buy. Slick, Simple, Appealing, Innovative, Creative and most of all – functional. Our purpose is not to get an awards, just to make your site a success.Elegance and beauty are the key, innovation and creativity the inspiration, and skill and experience the tools we use to implement your idea.
  • our business model is similar to Dell computer, we use existing technology that others create to provide affordability, quality, value for money and excellent service. We do not re-invent the wheel, we use it to build a smooth running vehicle for you to present your service or product to the world. If you are looking to set a benchmark and be like Microsoft; then we are not the right designer for you.

our ethics

Never harm, only improve. No illicit methods (black or grey hat techniques) to beat competitors. Focus on quality and the user experience. Provide real value to the community. Only work for companies which do no harm to others (no adult content, no gambling, no drugs/alcohol, no animal cruelty, no big greenhouse-gas emitters, etc).

We also provide discounted or at costs services to those who add value to the community such as NGOs, Charities, religious/spiritual movements and animal welfare groups.

our team

  •  Alan Jean – chief architect and web designer based on the sunshine coast; want to know more about Alan, check out his Linkedin profile. Alan manages our small but growing team consisting of 2 web developers, 1 social media specialist, 2 off-site SEO link-builders and 1 on-site SEO consultant.
  • and a few partners as needed.


our partners

  • We purchase our themes from elegantthemes, themeforest, Press75 and whatever a client supplies (BYO themes are welcomed as long as they have support)
  • We use graphic artists for logos and some photos. We may use a local photographer or purchase stock photos for your site.
  • Most of our articles are outsourced by professional SEO article writers.
  • We may also outsource some of our social media marketing.
  • In addition, other SEO groups are used from time to time for advice and audits (as needed based on how busy we are).

our experience

 Over 30 years combined in

  • website design  (From basic HTML to  using Dreamweaver to Programming PHP/Java/Ajax and now using Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla)
  • search engine optimisation (This has been an ongoing process as the rules for engagement are constantly changing with each Google algorithm release. Needless to say, nobody can say they are SEO experienced because the goal posts are constantly moving. We can say however, we follow industry trends)
  • Information Technology (Covering all aspects of the computer industry)
  • Consulting (Advising companies or management on key IT infrastructure, IT processes or IT procedures)
  • Project management (running development projects managing 5 developers)
  • business marketing (creating a brand image and growing market share for small business)
  • system management (looking at Unix and Windows-based servers)