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Apart from running a business, running a website can be troublesome due to upgrades, registrations and renewal notices. Our website management package allows you to focus on your business knowing your website is being managed correctly. That way you only receive an invoice from one source.

As part of our turnkey solution to business, we take you from idea to increased sales with minimal effort on your part. Our web design service covers everything from design, optimisation, advertising, marketing and finally site management to ensure its all up and running 99.5% of the time. With over 20 years experience just in system management, your website is in good hand.

Why you need website management

Although it is fairly easy to use the graphical user interface to add content and even update software, at times some software updates causes issues. When something goes wrong you want to make sure someone is around that knows what they’re doing. Managing a website involves several key roles, domain names and hosting must be renewed, email accounts created and periodically purged, quotas must be observed, software must be updated to ensure support, backups must be made and stored off-site to ensure integrity and emails to the webmaster or postmaster must be answered promptly. Even you wish to manage your own hosting then its even more effort – so why not focus on what you do best and let us do what we do best!

Website management Features

  • Domain name registration*Includes whois privacy protection
  • Hosing server (shared)
  • Optional high performance virtual private servernot needed for most sites, better to wait until traffic builds up
  • CMS upgradesminor versions automatic, major versions test first
  • Manage emails & quota's
  • Daily on-site backups
  • Monthly on and off-site backups
  • Yearly backups (on & off site)Also includes after major upgrades
  • 24/7 support
  • Manage site security (anti-spam )


SEO consultant services
  • Includes whois privacy protection
  • email only


SEO consultant services
  • Includes whois privacy protection
  • Sydney based fast serversuitable for thousands of hits per day
  • $150 extra
  • email and phone

If after one year of hosting your website with us and allowing us to manage it you are not 100% completely satisfied, we will try to resolve any issues but if you still wish to move on then we will help you or whomever you choose to transfer your website across. Typically its a very simple process, there will be no cost from us.