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Our service strategy is simple; provide a total and complete turnkey solution

Turnkey business solution

Our web design services provide a turnkey business solution for your project; from design to build to marketing. Our specialisation is getting a site functional, competitive and stylish and up as quick as possible and as affordable as possible. By using out-of-the-box themes and well trusted technologies we can delivery a product based on your needs. Our web design services are not bleeding-edge, we don’t reinvent the wheel; we use what is available as the foundation to build quality.

Our design services for the internet are designed to supply a complete turnkey solution, so you can focus on your own business knowing in confidence that the internet part is in good hands. Designing web sites are a commodity now, what is needed is a managed, high-ranking and well targeted website delivering new traffic (and thus sales) to your business.

Our design services for the web

We have arranged our offerings to simplify the solution. Some clients may want the complete package, for example professional with SEO. Others may want just a subset to compliment their existing site, such as link-building or social-media.

Internet marketing campaign

In all cases, we recommend that an on-line advertising campaign be started as part of our overall web design service to provide full value for any web site. It will :-

  1. test the value of keywords (ie. make sure we tell the search engines that we have exactly what most people are searching for)
  2. increase market share by getting new business (which should pay for the advertising campaign)
  3. raise awareness of your brand
  4. tell the search engine you are a bona fide site (during this time we can also build inbound links)
  5. promote any specials you may have

Turnkey business solution

The real value in having a website is to implement a strategy of internet marketing and search engine management. Sure its possible to do bits at a time, but real success will come when one provider can deliver a total turnkey business solution for web design. Our turnkey services provide such a solution for your business.

The importance of doing a complete business solution cannot be underestimated. For example, search engines don’t like buying links to improve authority and thus rankings, but during a viral campaign links will come naturally and so we can also accelerate the inbound link making process. At the same time we can entice our social media following with great value promotions thereby increasing sales and back-links. So, by doing everything together the net effect is greater than the individual sums.

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