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Social media effectiveness for business

The true value of social media is constant activity, without that your kick-starter branding will fade. We suggest you or your kids or someone’s teens to update your account with new friends/connections/tweets. We will also do it with the ongoing package but the more the better. It adds authenticity to your site and sometimes people will link to you if they like what you’re saying. That is the name of the game, the more popular your site then the higher the rankings. Social media on its own, that is just the account, has limited value. Activity on the account has an indirect positive effect. Business owners do not have time to sit in front of a computer all day, but often they can find others to do it or pay for the service as the SEO marketing campaign begins to add monetary value to sales.

Social media packages

  • Dofollow social accounts we openOnly those applicable to your industry
  • nofollow social accounts we open
    Manually done, no automation software. Google rank sites from 0-10. 0 is almost spam-class, 10 is a highly trusted site such as Microsoft, Google or Federal government site. We provide at least PR3
  • Amount of activity started
    This includes linking your accounts. Typically 30minutes to 1 Hour for most social sites. Many hours for G+, FB, Linkedin & Twitter
  • Linked into website
  • Length of campaignSEO link building via social media must be done slowly and naturally....drip fed
  • Monthly progress reportsOne formal email with a summary
  • White-hat, Google & Bing compliant
  • Google+ as the hubFacebook can be used if you prefer but it has less weight
  • Social signals

Social branding

$4951 month
$4951 month
SEO consultant services
  • Up to 20We also open Google+ to behave like it provides backlinks. Dofollow links include Technorati, Linkedin, Digg,,, Acrobat, mybloglog, now public, library thing, buzznet, i am bored, reverb nation, gather, kirtsy, don't stay, tipd, wiser earth, indian pad, design float, kwoff
  • Up to 5 (better to focus on a few than spread too thinly)Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumpleupon, Pininterest, Myspace, delicious, DevianArt, LiveJournal, Tagged, Orkut, Cafemom, Ning, Meetup, Mylife, Multiply, Reddit, feedburner, youTube
  • 15+ Facebook likes, 100+ Google+ circles, 50+ Twitter followers, 50 Linkedin connections, & much morethis may be outsourced
  • 1 month
  • 100's or possibly thousands

Ongoing social

$195per month
$195per month
SEO consultant services
  • As needed
  • As needed
  • 2 articles and 2 hours logged in activity per week. More Google+ circles and "likes"this may be outsourced
  • Ongoing, monthly basis
  • As needed

Social media strategy

Social media marketing (also known as social media optimisation (SMO)) is the way of the future, and if used correctly, the way to build rankings now. Search engines love to be in the moment, whatever is hot. Social sites enable that and also tells them what people are interested in.

Google+ was started for that purpose, because Google as a company had no access to private data from other social sites they had to make their own. Google+ users, by their daily intent, helps google fine tune their search algorithms to bias what the people are interested in at any given moment. Since we are doing them a service, they provide us extra link juice for helping.

Business owners don’t have time, so we design a system where posting on just a few social media sites will propagate to all of them thereby saving time. We still need to login and build the network by subscribing to new events, groups, and industry related forums but the hard yakka of adding content to each can be reduced. There are software packages which can also do this but they are likely to leave footprints.

Social networking will play a greater and greater role in search results as the search engines figure out how to determine what is of real tangible quality value in the social world. For now, its best to lay the foundation and grow social via the following strategy. The basic rules for social media optimisation are

  1. Create sharable content
  2. Make sharing easy
  3. Reward engagement
  4. Proactively share content
  5. Encourage the mashup.
  • One account for each site, many sites
  • Use social media regularly
  • Social share buttons
  • Consistency
  • Keywords and headlines
  • Bias content for the social audience
  • Syndication sites/blogs
  • Propagate the share
  • Focus on key sites
  • Open accounts on every social site that is relevant and can benefit your rankings.
  • Social sites rank high on Google, spreading the link juice your way (if active). Also, good content always gets shared
  • All pages on the website must make it easy for others to share
  • Bimonthly articles, weekly site updates
  • Content rich with keywords, header should state most important
  • Value-added content which benefits readers; attracting new followers, keeping the loyalty of existing community, and increasing shares via social media
  • Submit original content to syndication sites and write keyword-rich blogs for others
  • Link social sites so an update on one is shown on many
  • Even though there are over 100 social media sites, just pick the ones which can add the most value and fun to use (sustainable). Carpet bombing a few is better than blasting a wide range and spreading too thin.

Social media management and reputation management

Firstly, we ensure social media profiles are established properly.  Your public profiles will be keyword-laden and aligned with your website.

Secondly we ensure relevance to the community you establish a presence to and high degree of integrity.

Then we manage all the accounts to ensure your image or reputation is held is high regard (also known as online reputation management (ORM) or search engine reputation management(SERM))