Business web design ($795)

Our affordable $795 business web design is perfectly suitable for small business and sole-traders. It is highly customisable, has plenty of pages for product description and most importantly, optimised for the web (SEO). The main and common features are listed on our pricing tables.

Prior to starting your business web design

  1. Information about your business requirements, what you want to achieve, what ideas you have, the must-have’s in your site
  2. We will send you an agreement form with combined tax invoice.
  3. By paying a 10% deposit (which is $80 by bank transfer or cash) it confirms your agreement to our terms and conditions.

After deposit received, we commence building the site

The following information must be provided by you

  1. Your preferred Domain name, this is normally your company name or personal name. Check to see if its available here. Do not reserve it, just let us know and we will do that for you.
  2. You must provide your ABN, contact information, email address and address for registration.
  3. Provide a list of up to 9 email address’s you would like associated with this website.
  4. Links showing an example of the sort of website you want (look and feel). Some sites are 1 column, some 2 or 3. Some have large banners, some small., we need to know your preferences. Check out our partner themes and let us know which one you like.
  5. Your content provided in a word or text document.
  6. Select what 10 pages you want, could be 1.Home, 2.Contact, 3.About, 4.Blog, 5..10 Product & services
  7. Images (if you can optimise them using this tool great, otherwise we will do it).

The following information may optionally be provided

If you want more say in the look and feel of your affordable business web design, then you may also specify these optional items

  1. (optional) Specify what email address to send contact info to (typically this is [email protected] – the default, redirected to your personal email address).
  2. (optional) Define the font, size and colour you would like. Left or fully justified?
  3. (optional) What is your site title and tag-line (a description up to 160 characters).
  4. (optional) Links showing any competition or similar type  of site
  5. (optional) If you have social media accounts and need links to them on your website, please let us know the details.
  6. (optional) Any old brochures or material with content about your product/service
  7. (optional) images must be named according to what you wish to portray and also let us know which page you want them to appear on and how (left, centered, right, etc), they will be used to assist in search engine optimisation.
  8. (optional) For contact pages, design your form on paper or in Word. Scan it or take a picture and email us.
  9. (optional) Think about your navigation menu, what pages you want listed and in what order.
  10. (optional) Any media or files which must be uploaded to your site
  11. (optional) Supply details of what social media accounts you have and want connected. We will connect 7 for you.

What we do

  1. We create a hosting account and buy the domain name
  2. Mark the site as in maintenance mode. This means only users with passwords can see it. We also ensure search engines cannot see it.
  3. Send you the password and site link so you can monitor the progress and make comments
  4. Design, then build your business website using the criteria mentioned here and here (as applicable)
  5. We authorise your site with major search engines and create up to 4 of the main social media accounts (minimal activity on the accounts)
  6. Keep you informed about the progress

After completion of your affordable business web design

  1. We advise you and ask you check to make sure everything is as per our original agreement
  2. If it is not as per originally agreed or there are mistakes, we rectify the issues
  3. If you wish changes outside of the agreement, we will advise you
  4. Once agreed, we invoice you the balance ($715)
  5. When full payment received ($715) we then enable the site and allow search engines to index it. This payment constitutes agreement of the final-product.
  6. We supply the master passwords for the domain, hosting and WordPress accounts.
  7. We will recommend you select website management to maintain the site, and possibly SEO or on-line advertising.
  8. We will send you a survey, you may wish to comment on our service to help us improve and also let others know via our testimonials