Brand management

brand management and brand strategy for internet marketing

What is brand management?

Brand management is the implementation of procedures to maintain, improve and uphold a brand so that the name is associated with value, experience, quality, reliability, respect and other positive characteristics. These positive traits may or may not be real, but within the minds of customers it is real; this is what branding does. The process involves managing all aspects of the brand, both physical and non-physical (intangible) in such a way as to increase the branding level, that is to make it more well-known and established. Good brand management will increase the goodwill of the brand or label, increasing its market value.

Logo Design

Part of our brand management is to create a logo for your product or service. Simple logos are designed in-house, more complicated ones are designed by our partner graphic artists. All our packages include a simple design.

Brand strategy

Branding is part of a well designed marketing plan. Firstly we must define the brand or quantify it and understand where it stands within the market (its position) and way to present it to customers or the market place. Branding is essentially combining various marketing mediums in such a way as to give your product or service an identity. It is the process of giving virtual life to an abstract object or idea, an existence which is known by a sizeable percentage of the population.

The value and advantages of branding are many

green tick Competitive advantage
green tick Higher pricing (profit margins)
green tick Easy acceptance of the brand (reduce perceived doubt or risk in buying)
green tick Easier sales and market penetration
green tick Greater market share

A good strategy must include the following key points where relevant, defining the brand using : brand name, attributes, positioning, identity, sources, image, personality, awareness, loyalty, association, building, equity, customer equity, extension, co-branding

Our Brand marketing

Our brand strategy is to build a niche market for your product /or service and to create a perception that your product/service is the solution inside your customer’s mind. To achieve that goal will require a monthly viral campaign in conjunction with our internet marketing campaign; that is search engine optimisation and social media bookmarking. Branding takes time, the process can be accelerated with intense advertising especially used with promotions or special offers to increase market share. Branding needs your company support to ensure its sustainable in the long-term and will only succeed if brand management is undertaken correctly.

Niche branding within a small area (regional) or fractional market segment will come with persistent advertising and strong image/presence. It’s a natural result of internet marketing. In a competitive market it would take a greater marketing mix to achieve, which we would only be part of.  The cost would depend on what you wish to achieve. Most if not all of the cost would be returned with increased sales.

Why is branding important for a sole-trader or small-business

A brand like ‘apple’, ‘Holden’,’Vegemite’, etc are easy to understand. But why would a dentist in some small country town need to brand their service?

To stay in front of the competition.

Once an identity is established then it becomes the point of reference for others to catch up with. If another dentist comes to town they would need to spend a considerable amount to overcome the value of your brand. During that time, your brand can also match promotions but can sell at the higher price due to its added brand-value. Branding pays.