Pay per click (PPC) management

Pay per click management and advertising

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

When you surf the internet have you noticed those annoying adverts either from the search results or inside some web pages? Well, that’s how Google became a  $100+ Billion company. It is the biggest affiliate program in the world. Adwords managers are Google’s clients that place the ad. When a person clicks on the ad, a fee is paid to the site owner (the affiliate). Millions of websites have been created just to advertise stuff and make money from nothing. At the beginning it was easy, now too competitive.

A ad campaign is valued based on keyword competition (bidding). If many people want the ad listed in the first page of results (Search Engine Result Page [SERP]), and that search is popular; then it will cost a fair amount to run the campaign. If the keyword is not so popular, then a $100 campaign can go a very long way. Costs per click can vary from $0.002 to several dollars.

A campaign can also use the PPC system or simply provide a presence by displaying a banner or header somewhere (known as an impression). It depends what outcome the adwords manager wants to achieve.

On-line PPC advertising can achieve three very important goals

  1. It can drive traffic to the website, which is properly designed can achieve a high conversion rate (20%  is excellent) of clicks into action (possible sales)
  2. It can expand awareness of your brand and image, increasing back-links and making your site more popular for organic searches (this means you get similar results from searches and don’t need to pay for advertising so much)
  3. It can help to fine-tune keyword selection improving rankings; this is someone we so for all SEO projects as it ensures we are focused on the right phrases people are searching for.
More people go to sites through organic searches than paid advertising. That means it pays to have your site rated highly using search engine optimisation techniques

Pay per click advertising must be included in any complete turnkey solution, especially using SEO. Why? Because search engines love it, that’s why they exist. In return the benefit to your site is enormous, not only it direct sales which offset or pay for the advertising campaign, but also because of the credibility it brings by having people bookmark your site and create links to it. Also during this time we can engage is serious inbound link-building because the search engine will think it’s coming from the campaign.

PPC management

PPC management is the process of placing a highly focused keyword campaign on the two biggest search engines; Google and Bing. Google uses adwords and Microsoft/Yahoo uses adCenter. When initially starting a website it may be more profitable to start with adcenter as Google is very competitive and demanding to get highly ranked. With between 10-20% of the market, adcenter will also produce results….perhaps more than Google’s adwords due to competition levels.

 What we do for your campaign is first determine what we want to achieve, consider the budget, test the market first to fine-tune our strategy then promote your website. If the budget is sufficient it will be a full-blown viral marketing campaign, otherwise PPC or impressions.