Authorship Markup | Authentication | Verification

author-markup 2-link methodWhat is Authorship or rich snippet markup?

Ever performed a search on Google to see lots of returned results showing someone’s face? It’s more prominent and more credible and made possible through the wonders of Google authorship markup and the rel=author tag. Google calls this a “rich snippet”, rich because of the value of the photo and snippet because it reveals a small part of a bigger picture.


Please note this service requires full access to the front-end code and back-end servers

Search Engine Authentication

  • Google/Bing Webmaster accountsWe create the account for you
  • Google Analytics accountWe create the account for you
  • Google Gmail & Plus accountWe create the account for you
  • Verify ownership of websiteAuthenticate website as you being the owner with Google, Bing/Yahoo and Alexa
  • Modify source codeMarkup authentication requires special tags to be added within the homepage and author pages.
  • Create email @ Your URLMarkup requires an email address to be created based on your domain name. We will do that.
  • Link accounts/Test Authorship

Google Plublisher and Author markup

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  • *Must be done before markup can take place

Search Engine Verification

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  • You supply us your account detailsWe need your webmaster accounts, Alexa and also access to your ftp server
  • not needed
  • not needed
  • not needed
  • not needed

Complete Authentication

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Why do we need author markup?

Rich Snippets structured markup code is a way authors or publishers provide information about their websites to search engines, in particular Google. Even though Google has stated they do not directly affect search engine rankings (that is – not part of the algorithm which creates SERPS[Search Engine Results Page]), the additional information provided by a Rich Snippet can make the difference between a user clicking to a site or ignoring it. If you get a page full of results with only one photo, wouldn’t your eye naturally go towards the photo? In addition, the rich snippet may not be part of the search result directly but indirectly it is in many ways.

  • by ensuring the site is verified
  • by following their procedure the site becomes authenticated
  • due to requiring a google plus account the site becomes more relevant
  • site is recognised to be less likely to be spam

According to a recent study on the impact of rich snippets , the number of clicks increased by 150% once the rich snippet was added.

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt said this in his new book, “The New Digital Age”.

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”


What is Publisher Markup, how does it compare to Authorship?

What is the difference between adding Authorship and Publisher markup on your website? It’s simple.

  • Google+ Authorship links a person with a Google+ profile to pieces of content they have written. Content can be spread across multiple websites.
  • Google+ Publisher markup links a business/brand with a Google+ page with content on their own website. It can only link one Google+ page with one website.


What is Site Authentication?

There are many levels of site authentication, some websites may need to authenticate using code during a log-in phase, while others can authenticate the domain just once. It depends on what the site is doing and how critical the information flow is. The higher the security, the more authentication is required.

We provide site based authentication at the domain level, so search engines know your details. Basically, it’s the minimum required so avoid being suspected as potential spam.